Camp St. Peter



August 9th – 21st, 2019

“Behave manfully in the law: for by it you shall be glorious.”

1 Machabees 2:64


We have filled all of our spots for CSP 2019. Thank you for your interest. 

Click here to download application


The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is hosting a two-week, outdoor summer camp for boys ages 13 to 15 years old, at Custer State Park, located an hour south of Rapid City, South Dakota. The camp will be staffed by one priest and eight seminarians from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Custer State Park is located in the rugged Black Hill mountain range and offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking, wildlife observation and land orientation skills. Sleeping arrangements will be in tents provided by the Fraternity. Bathroom facilities are available on-site, and shower facilities are located nearby. Additionally, a local high-school only a short distance away provides opportunities for various athletic games such as rugby, soccer, football, basketball, and dodge-ball.


COST: The cost camp this year is $450, payable by check (made out to “Camp St. Peter”), which should be sent along with the application form.  We have decided to raise the cost of the camp for the first time in several years due to increased operations costs.  If necessary payments can be made in increments, but all payments must be submitted after the first of May. If submitting multiple applications, please send a separate check for each applicant.

TRAVEL: Transportation to and from Rapid City, SD, will not be provided by Camp St. Peter staff members, although they will be available for shuttling to and from the Rapid City airport (details accompany the acceptance letter).


APPLICATION: A three-page application form (Application Sheet – CSP) must be filled out completely for each applicant and sent to the following address no later than May 1st, 2019. 

Director, Camp St. Peter
PO Box 147
Denton, NE 68339

Please contact the Director of Camp St. Peter with any further questions at:



Example Daily Schedule of Camp St. Peter

06:00  AM                     Rise
06:15                              Morning prayers & Confessions
06:45                              Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
07:45                              Breakfast & clean-up
08:15                              Morning program
11:00                              Rosary
11:30                              Lunch
12:30   PM                    Afternoon program
5:30                                Dinner
7:00                                Evening program
9:30                                Evening prayers & lights out


Some examples of the daytime program activities:   Classes (catechism, Mass-serving, fire-building, Bible reading, archery, etc), Hiking, fishing, swimming, wildlife observation, outdoor skills training, sight-seeing, ball games (rugby, soccer, football, volleyball, dodge-ball, etc.), trips to historic sites and landmarks such as Mt. Rushmore.

Evening activities: Campfires (songs, stories, roasting marshmallows) discussions, spiritual talks, vocation stories from seminarian staff.

Suggested gear list:

  • Outdoor camping gear
  • Hiking boots
  • Good socks
  • Rain gear
  • Sports clothes
  • At least 2 pairs of pants (one is required for Mass)
  • Swim trunks
  • At least one full set of WARM CLOTHING including a warm hat (temperatures do drop to the low 30’s in the mountains, even in August!)
  • Hat
  • Rosary
  • Water bottle (or camelback, etc. for camp and hikes)
  • Camera
  • A small amount of spending money for mementos at a couple of our customary stops.
  • Note – new shoes should be purchased well in advance and broken in prior to camp and cotton is generally a bad choice for outdoor clothing, especially because we will get wet.


What NOT to bring:

  • Anything electronic (radio, mp3 player, Game Boy, etc)
  • Large knives (greater than a 3-inch blade) or knives with any kind of assisted-opening
  • Firecrackers or firearms (including airsoft or paintball guns)
  • A bad attitude or a bag of excuses.  Rise up and fight manfully.


The Sermon on the Amount

Please consider donating to the camp or sponsor a boy to attend; We understand how the costs can add up for families.

Payment by increments can also be done to ease to financial burden.

Contact the director as indicated above. or follow this Link to a list of items we could use to make the camp better.

May God reward you!



Resources for Accepted Applicants:

Gear list    Catechism facts sheet

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