Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary Summer Camps web page! For application forms and specific camp information, please click on any of the above links. Below is a  brief outline of the purpose and nature of our summer camps.

Note – This website only lists the camps run by seminarians. Please be sure to check with your local Fraternity priest for other opportunities.

The Primary Goal of Our Summer Camps

For the past several years, the seminarians of Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary have hosted a variety of summer camps for young boys. Each of the camps has its own particular character, but their essential element remains the same – to strengthen the faith of those attending.

This is accomplished by providing the boys with spiritual instruction, giving them a good example of Catholic manhood, and most importantly, by providing them the daily opportunity to participate in the sacraments. Every day, the boys will attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, recite a group rosary, complete 15 – 20 minutes of guided meditation, and begin and end the day with prayer. Confession will also be available almost every day.

Another focus of the camps is fostering discipline and respect. These virtues are generally neglected and often ridiculed in today’s society, but they are foundational for every Catholic male, who should be prepared to assume a leadership role in both his faith and his family. Applicants to these camps can expect both to learn and to exercise these virtues by following all appropriate directions promptly and willingly, and by demonstrating proper respect to the staff members.

Thank you for your interest in our summer camps. We are happy to be able to provide this opportunity of passing on the traditions of our Faith, and hope that it will be as profitable to the boys as it is to us.
Deo Gratias!

For application forms and more information on these camps, please click on any of the following links:

Camp St. Peter, in the Black Hills, SD

Camp St. Isaac Jogues, Elmhurst Township, PA

St. Francis Xavier Mission Trip


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